Gathering in San Sebastian for 6G-XR’s Face-to-Face Meeting

The 6G-XR project team gathered for a successful face-to-face meeting from 17-19 June in the picturesque city of San Sebastian. Hosted by Vicomtech, the event marked a significant milestone in the project’s journey, fostering collaboration and innovation among the participants.

Over the course of three days, all work packages presented detailed updates on their activities from the last period, showcasing substantial progress and paving the way for future advancements in 6G enabler technologies. The presentations highlighted various technical achievements, challenges faced, and strategic plans for the upcoming phases of the project.

Another highlight of the meeting was the engaging presentation on the 6GEnablers project, part of the Spanish UNICO call and supported by NextGen EU funds. Held during a coffee break, the presentation provided valuable insights into the synergies between 6G-XR and 6GEnablers, emphasizing the collaborative efforts to drive innovation in next-generation communication technologies. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the objectives and progress of 6GEnablers, fostering a deeper understanding of its impact on the broader 6G landscape.