6G-XR Use Cases

6G eXperimental Research. Discover our use cases.

B5G and 6G will enrich the capabilities of mobile communications. XR is seen as one of the driving applications for the further development of 5G as well as for 6G when it comes to ubiquity and scale of XR service deployments for every-day use cases.

6G-XR project has identified three different application areas that would benefit from the large-scale deployment of B5G/6G networks: (i) Real-Time Holographic Communications, (ii) Collaborative 3D Digital Twin-like Environment, and (iii) Energy Measurement Framework for Energy Sustainability.

Real-Time Holographic Communications (UC1, UC2, UC3)

Real time holographic communication will be monitored by bandwidth, FPS (framerate per second), image resolution, jitter, latency, packet loss. Good network conditions are a crucial prerequisite for high quality holographic communication.

6G-XR | UC1 - Resolution Adaptation or Quality on Demand

Resolution Adaptation
or Quality on Demand

6G-XR | UC2 - Routing to the Best Edge

Routing to the Best Edge

6G-XR | UC3 - Control Plane Optimizations

Control Plane Optimizations

Collaborative 3D Digital Twin-like Environment (UC4)

6G-XR | UC4 - Collaborative 3D Digital Twin-like Environment

Remote collaboration enhances societal and team productivity/efficiency. Real collaboration around of a common asset, machine, manufacturing place or environment is enabled thanks to a collaborative 3D DT environment. Key outcome is extracted due to the capabilities of bridge regional disparities and provide equal opportunities regardless of the geographical location. Traditional example of gaps covered is the disparity between industrial and rural locations.

Energy Measurement Framework for Energy Sustainability (UC5)

6G-XR | UC5 - Energy Measurement Framework for Energy Sustainability

The 6G-XR project aims to deploy an extensive energy measurement framework for the test sites as well as to introduce the required intelligence and functionality into the network components so that the energy consumption data can be utilized to optimize the end-to-end energy consumption and use of local renewable energy for variety of different XR related applications.

Download the deliverable D1.1 dedicated to requirements and use case specification and learn more!

D1.1: Requirements and use case specifications

Cascading actions enablers

The innovative, modular and disruptive 6G-XR network, cloud continuum and XR enablers deployed over the 6G Research Experimentation Infrastructures (RIs) will be open to third parties through the cascading funding mechanisms.

6G-XR will enable external parties to develop, test and trial applications and capabilities specifically driven by AR/VR/XR domains and the metaverse. 

The 6G-XR facilities

The available test facilities at the project’s North node (UOULU 5GTN and VTT 5GTN) and South node (5GBarcelona and 5TONIC) will be used to trial each of the use cases, with the objectives of testing and validating the project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Value Indicators (KVIs).

6G-XR | North node (Finland)

North node (Finland)

6G-XR | South node (Spain)

South node (Spain)