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June 12 All day

Interaction and Storytelling with(in) Immersive Media Workshop: New Avenues for Increased Engagement​

This workshop is co-located with ACM IMX’24 (Stockholm, June 2024).

The future of media experiences poses a series of thrilling challenges, but the appearance of novel technologies, formats and mediums brings a new wave of opportunities to reimagine content (co-)creation, hybridization, distribution, interaction, and engagement possibilities.

While opportunities are endless, the 1st edition of “Interaction and Storytelling with(in) Immersive Media (ISIM)” Workshop aims to explore and discuss the potential and implications of integrating emerging immersive media technologies and formats (e.g., Point Clouds, light field, Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF), 3D Gaussian Splatting, multi-sensory stimuli…), potentially assisted with Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, to enable new avenues for evocative consumption experiences and increased engagement.

In particular, the primary focus will be on exploring and ideating new interaction and storytelling possibilities with and within immersive media environments, so as to maximize the potential benefits and revenues.

Under the umbrella of cross-fertilization actions between key EU projects in this area, ISIM aims at bringing together worldwide enthusiastic academia and industry players, as well as end users and stakeholders, to discuss new ideas, challenges, and opportunities in this domain, with a key focus on the added value to the consumers, and thus indirectly to industry players in this domain (content creators, content service providers, manufacturers, technologists…).