Stream B Enablers

Are you a SNS JU – Stream B project?

Win 60.000 Euro to complement the 6G-XR experimental platforms and research infrastructures

We are looking for European Smart Networks and Services (SNS) – Stream B projects working in the following topics: 

  • System Architecture (HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAM-B-01-01): Projects can execute early experimentations in several specific areas. Execution of services across multiple heterogeneous but seamlessly inter-working domains. Study the service instantiation option while significantly lowering energy consumption. Study the integration of combined edge and network logical entities to the infrastructure and demonstrating the swapping of computation loads as a function of efficiency and local energy availability. 
  • Wireless Communication Technologies and Signal Processing (HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAMB-01-02): Projects can leverage the energy consumption monitoring solution boosting the development and testing the extreme energy efficient 6G communication solution and network elements. Innovative RAN solutions can be validated in the planned open source-based infrastructure together with standard 3GPP components and sub-THz communication links. 
  • Communication Infrastructure Technologies and Devices (HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAM-B-01- 03): Projects can utilise the carrier grade 3GPP 6G-XR infrastructure and interfaces for the developing and testing low altitude NTN flying nodes for enhanced smart edge cases. Ultra-low power IoT deployments are possible and new energy efficient solutions for device management may be studied. 
  • Secure Service development and Smart Security (HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAM-B-01-04): Projects can validate the developed security techniques and build proof of concepts for service development and orchestration of computing continuum services in 6G-XR multi-domain environment. 
  • 6G Holistic System (HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAM-B-01-05): Projects will have a consolidated view of 6G KPIs and use cases which can be evaluated in the 6G-XR environment. Together with gap  analyses of state-of-the-art technology performance further development steps towards 6G can be planned.


Project full name: 6G eXperimental Research infrastructure to enable next-generation XR services 
Project Grant Agreement number: 101096838 
Call identifier: 6G-XR-OC2
Call title: 2nd 6G-XR Open Call- Stream B Enablers
Expected opening date: 8 March 2024
Expected feasibility check deadline: 8 April 2024
Expected final submission deadline: 8 May 2024
Information Webinar on Open Call 2: 22 March 2024
Results announcement: June 2024
Signature: July-August 2024
Implementation start: September 2024


Open Call Project durationMax funding (€)No of projectsTotal funding (€)
6G-XR-OC26 months60.00010  600.000 € 

All relevant information and documents for OC2 submission will be available soon.