Meet the Consortium: VICOMTECH

Fundación Vicomtech is a non-profit applied technology and research center that promotes R&D activities in the field of advanced digital technologies. It is specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Visual Computing and Interaction. Technologies are researched and developed to meet market demand and providing innovative solutions to companies, public administrations, academic institutions and users. 

What is your organization’s role in the project? What unique contribution does it bring to the team?

Fundación Vicomtech leads Work Package 3, “XR Enablers”, whose objective is the development and deployment of the necessary XR media functions for the next-generation XR networked services. The XR media functions enable the generation of an end-to-end XR media chain that acquires media and interaction information, processes it and delivery it to the users participating to the XR experience. 

Fundación Vicomtech will contribute to the development of these XR media functions thanks to its background on media processing and interaction. This includes video and audio acquisition and encoding, web browser interaction, multi-user/multi-device synchronization, and orchestration of virtual network functions. The technological solutions developed by Vicomtech will be integrated inside the research infrastructures of the project such to provide XR media functions for the deployment of the “Holographic Communication” use case, defined within Work Package 6, “Validation of Holographic and 3D Digital Twin Use cases”. 

Why is this project important for your organization?

The scientific roadmap of Fundación Vicomtech is fully aligned with the objectives of 6G-XR. Thanks to its expertise on media processing and networks, and previous participations in 5GPPP/European Projects, it has the necessary background to contribute to the next-generation XR networked services. As a non-profit research institute, the knowledge created within 6G-XR is expected to be a significant addition to the organisation’s intellectual capital, providing open-source reference implementations and added-value licensed libraries. Fundación Vicomtech will further exploit the outcome of the project with scientific publications in relevant journals and international conferences. 

Who are the key people involved?

The team of Digital Media and Communications department of Fundación Vicomtech is involved in 6G-XR. Dr. Roberto Viola takes the role of leader of the Work Package 3, “XR Enablers”.