Meet the Consortium: INTEL

Intel Labs is the central division of Intel working on research topics, fostering and nurturing collaborations with a huge network of partners in the academia and research centers (more than 50 entities worldwide), as well as in the start-up’s scene (Intel Ignite program). 

What is your organization’s role in the project? What unique contribution does it bring to the team?

Intel, as part of its efforts on developing on-chip systems for IEEE 802.11be, will provide to the project a set of development platforms to implement WTSN functionality, standardization supporting actions (ETSI, IEEE, 3GPP), and access convergence towards 6G. 

Why is this project important for your organization?

Main project result will be shared and disseminated with Intel research network so to maximize project impact in the research ecosystem. Wi-Fi related activities will have an impact on ongoing standardization of Wi-Fi standards, as well as on systems defined by 3GPP, IETF, and ETSI. 

Medium/Long term: The learnings acquired on key aspects of future Wi-Fi systems will allow Intel to create products that fit best the need of forthcoming 5G-Advanced and 6G systems, serving a vast set of verticals like, among others, Industry 4.0, logistics, intelligent transport systems and Media and Entertainment. That will allow Intel to strengthen its position and potentially increase its market share in the Wi-Fi domain.